• 10 Ways to Be Successful

    1.)  Read together! Children who read at home with their parents perform better in
    2.)  Establish a time to read with your child. You can read to your child, with your child,
          or have your child read to you.
     3.)  Keep the lines of communication open with the school.  Parents who are involved with
             the school, have a successful student.
    4.)  Be positive about your child's progress.  By focusing on the positives, your
            child feels more successful.
    5.)  Work with your child.  Help them practice their No Excuse words. This
          makes them feel more confident.
    6.)  Look at your child's papers regularly.  When you show an interest in what your child is
          doing, often the child works harder to succeed.
    7.)  Set limits.  Don't be afraid to set limits on TV and video games, especially during the
          school week.
    8.)  Teach your child to be responsible.  Your child is maturing into a real student, so make
          them responsible for their education.
    9.)  Make learning the main priority.  Find excitement in learning and demonstrating that
          you want to learn as well.
    10.)  Have fun with your child as you both live and learn together!