• Useful Links

    "Crash Course" by John Green

       A great video that broadly covers the Renaissance period
    Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

       The PA Faire and Mount Hope website

       School Days at the Faire (field trip) website

       This list has a plethora of websites relating to all aspects of the Renaissance, including food, music, clothing, and more.
    Queen Elizabeth I

       Another resource that is full of information on the life of Queen Elizabeth I, the woman who ruled England at the end of the Renaissance.


    King James VI/I

       Information about the successor to Queen Elizabeth.  He was first king of Scotland and then King of England



       In-depth information into multiple aspects of the Renaissance



       A helpful site with tips on improving your accent, character, and more

    Tudor Dynasty Timeline

       A timeline with important events during the Tudor dynasty's reign


    Online Etymology Dictionary

       This website is helpful if you are curious about the origins of a specific word and whether it is accurate to the time period or not.


    Name Generator


    Shakespearean Insults

       An insult generator for all your banter needs
    Scottish Accent

       He's a little awkward (like most of us), but he gives great instructions on how to do a Scottish accent

    Accent tips from Videojug

       Videos of a British voice coach teaching you how to do a bunch of different accents


Last Modified on September 17, 2019