• Delta Program Schedule Changes

    There are two kinds of schedule changes that can be made as a Delta Program student: changes to Delta classes and changes to High School classes. Please follow the instructions for the kind of change you wish to make.

    Delta Program course changes:

    The advisor handles Delta changes through the ATM process. Students who want to make this kind of schedule change need to talk to their advisor and their parent/guardian about the change. The advisor will confer with the parent/guardian, and a decision will be made to approve or disapprove the change. If the change is approved, a course drop/add form should be completed and signed by the advisor. I will officially add or drop the student from the course upon receipt of this form. The change is not official, and the student will not be added or dropped from the teachers' attendance rosters, without this step! See the Delta Program calendar for drop/add deadline dates that determine whether or not a class will be entered on the student's official transcript.

    High School course changes

    A student will be allowed to drop or add a high school course with permission from the parent/guardian and the student's advisor. I will make the official change and e-mail the high school teacher about it. It is common courtesy for a student to notify the high school teacher of the course being dropped!  Students must attend the class until the course is officially removed from the schedule.
Last Modified on March 24, 2016