• Chemistry 1
    Daily Requirements:
    • Class notebook
    • Laboratory notebook (composition notebook)
    • Writing utensil (black or blue for labs, only)
    • Non-programmable scientific calculator - MUST BE PURCHASED. The programmable calculator from the Math Department will NOT be allowed on quizzes or tests. 
    • Eagerness to learn
    This course is a first year chemistry course designed for students who plan to attend college, possibly with the expectation of majoring in the sciences, engineering or mathematics.  Students are expected to work independently and develop self-monitoring skills that will benefit them in college.  The course will utilize laboratory activities, homework quizzes, and regular testing. No work is accepted late in this course.  Formal lab reports and a final exam are requirements of Chemistry 1.
    Ways to succeed in Chemistry 1:
    1) Read the textbook
    2) Do the homework
    3) Take notes in class
    4) Ask clarifying questions in class
    5) Form a study group
    6) Study DAYS before an exam, not the night before
Last Modified on August 19, 2020