• Earth Science I: Syllabus

    During this class we will study the main units of study suggested by the NGSS.  They include: 1.Science Methodology and Basic Principles, 2. Earth's Place in the Universe, 2. Earth Systems, and 4. Earth's Processes and Human Activity.  The lessons investigate the interactions among these components in order to explain Earth’s dynamics, Earth’s evolution, global change and place within the universe. Students who take this course will utilize their mathematics knowledge with the guidance of the teachers. Evaluation is based on tests, quizzes, laboratory work, homework/classwork, class discussion and special assignments. 


    Here is a copy of the Course Overview


    A Weekly Agenda for Day A, Blocks 1 and 4 can be found here.  
    A Weekly Agenda for Day B, Block 6 can be found here. 
    The Agendas are flexible and lessons may shift if needed.  The only difference between Day and Day B are the dates of activities.
Last Modified on September 9, 2018