Advanced Geometry 2020-2021 Supply List

    • Chromebook, everyday, charged
    • Capacitive Stylus for your Chromebook so you can show your work on your screen.  Here is an example of the kind you will need:  Capacitive Stylus
    • earbuds/headphones for your Chromebook to listen to instructional videos
    • 3-ring binder (can be just for math or shared with other subjects)
    • Pencils, pens, highlighters
    • You will need a scientific calculator with basic math functions, exponent keys, and trig functions.  


    **If you are planning to continue in the advanced math curriculum, this is a good time to consider purchasing a TI-84+ graphing calculator.  This calculator is the one used in class for this course and issued for all math courses after Advanced Geometry.  **Purchasing a graphing calculator is not mandatory for this course.
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    You will find the course syllabus, course calendar handouts and other important links on this page.
Last Modified on July 28, 2020