• Architectural Drafting and Design 1 (Course S699) - This is a 1/2 year class and can be taken in the Fall or Spring. This course is recommended for students interested in exploring careers in architectural drafting and design. Being a lab oriented course, students learn how to create residential floor plans and exterior elevations, including manual lettering technique. Tools used include traditional drafting equipment such as architectural and engineering rulers, mechanical pencils, T-squares, and triangles. The students will then generate similar drawings with AutoCAD software.

    Students complete the course by designing their bedroom or another room in their house. All of the above skills are utilized in constructing the drawings for their project. Students will also learn about Interior Design and apply certain features to this project.

    Students will begin to perform public speaking regarding their work. This important skill will be continued in the other Architectural courses. Guest speakers come into the classroom to talk about the various related architectural professions. Students are evaluated on their drawings, quizzes and classroom performance, participation, and attitude. This course is a prerequisite for Architectural Drafting and Design 2. 



Last Modified on December 7, 2022