• Architectural Design and Drafting 1 Assignments/Projects

    Hand Lettering (like an Architect)

    Floor Plans (both free-hand and with AutoCAD)

    Exterior Elevations (mechanical equipment and free-hand)

    Interior Design Project

    • Research about Residential Interior Design
    • Actual Floor Plan with dimensions
    • Demolition Floor Plan
    • New Floor Plan
    • Color renderingGingerbread Model Floor Plan Sketch Project: 10/21-11/23

    Sketch-Up Project (time permitting)

    • Total Point Schedule - Quizzes are worth 100 points and weighted .5. Projects are weighted at 1.5.
    • Projects – Projects are the “backbone” for the course. Items taught during the course will be applied to the various projects.
    • Quizzes – Various quizzes will be given throughout the course on subjects being taught. The intent is for the student to not only learn the quiz material but to also apply to the projects.
    • Field Trips (time permitting) – Field trips will be taken on and off-site. Students will purchase and provide sketches/notes of items they learned from the field trips. The grading will be in the form of a Quiz equivalent. The sketchbook is kept in class and can be a reference for future drawings the students are drafting for a project.
    • Participation - Students are expected to participate in the class. Monthly participation is graded in the form of a Quiz. Participation also covers being prepared for class, keeping their notebook up do date/organized and working on their projects, both individual and team projects.


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