• Photoshop Workspace

    Parts of the Camera

    Camera Settings: Freezing and Blurring Motion     

    Camera Settings: Maxiumum Depth of Field           


    Landscape/Nature Unit: Exisiting Light

    Still Life/Commercial Unit: Studio Light

    Portrait/Self-Portrait Unit: Studio Lighting

    In the Style of: Research Famous Photographer 


    (In the Spring Semester Studio Lighting and Exisiting Lighting Units are flipped)


    YOU will master the 3 basic technical elements of digital photography and develop a critical eye when composing images.

    The CAMERA:    You will learn how to use both automatic and manual camera settings and how they relate to photographic exposure. 

    The IMAGE:     You will learn how to download and save images in a variety of formats for specific purposes.

    The COMPUTER: You will learn basic digital image manipulation using Adobe Photoshop.

    The COMPOSITION:  You will create images using composition tools as well as the Elements & Principles of Design.

    You will learn to see the world differently through the eye of your lens.

    You will learn to express yourself and how you see the world through photography.


Last Modified on August 21, 2020