• Advanced Architectural Drafting and Design 3 (Course Y706) - This is an advanced weighted course. Students will have the opportunity to design a private residence with different parameters than the Arch 2 Habitat for Humanity residence they designed. Important design skills are utilized and the code requirements are also applied again from the Arch 2 project. A cost estimate will be applied to the student's home. Water coloring is learned and then applied to the design of the home they have created. Time permitting, the students will also learn about the design and drafting of structural, mechanical, and electrical features of the home. Guest speakers related to the different parts of the project will come into the classroom to discuss applicable items. At various times, the students will present their projects to their classmates and teacher. Field trips are taken to project sites to reinforce actual construction details and building systems. Students are evaluated on their drawings, quizzes and classroom performance, participation, and attitude. This course is a prerequisite for Drafting: Advanced Architectural Drafting and Design 4.   



Last Modified on December 13, 2021