• Course number and title

    Y301 section 1 and Y300 section 1

    French I with Madame Goeller

    Course description (paragraph)

    In this class, students will expand their comprehension and expression skills in French.  In each thematic unit, students will build their vocabulary knowledge as well as acquire new tools for communication through the study of grammatical concepts. Students will use the language and learn about culture in a variety of ways including, but not limited to: songs, games, technology, movies, music, individual and collaborative projects, and authentic speaking, reading, and listening activities.

    Course materials (links if appropriate)

    Discovering French, Nouveau!  Bleu textbook

    Student workbook packets

    Additional activities linked in Scoodle, Google Sites, and Google Classroom

    Units taught (chronological sequence appropriate)

    1. Greetings and getting to know each other

    2.  Everyday life in Paris

    3.  Daily activities

    4.  People and possessions

    5.  Visitng a French home and town

    6.  Buying clothing

    Major exams/projects; (keep syllabus up to date)

    Throughout each unit, students will be assessed by means of:

    • 2 to 3 lesson quizzes (each unit is further divided into lessons according to the text)

    • A written comprehensive unit test

    • a speaking evaluation, whether performance based or interview style

    • a creative project

    Grading practice/policy

    Students in French I will be graded using a total points system. Students will earn points by completing homework, in-class assignments, quizzes, tests and projects.  It is very important for students to complete assignments on time, as many assignments tend to build on the previous assignments. Projects and assignments will be accepted late for partial credit.   If a student is absent from school, he or she will have one week to show the teacher any late work for full credit.

    Teacher contact information

    Email: blb31@scasd.org

    Phone: 814-272-8779

Last Modified on June 14, 2018