State College Wrestling Program Philosophy

    The goal of the State College wrestling program is to provide athletic experiences that will enhance the student athlete's positive identity with State High.  The wrestling program will provide the athlete with experiences that contribute positively to the personal, physical, and psychological development of all athletes who fully participate. These experiences will be an extension of the classroom and consistent with the educational goals of the State College Area School District.

    The wrestling program is designed to provide the appropriate level of experience at each level of the program.   At the seventh, eighth and ninth grade levels, emphasis will be placed on recruitment of athletes, technical skills, and team building.  At the ninth grade level, wrestlers may be evaluated to determine their fit whether at the varsity level or the junior high level.  For the ninth and tenth grade levels focus will be placed on the retention of players coming to the high school level.  As an athlete joins the junior varsity level, technical skills will continue to be taught.  The development of wrestlers will be the priority but the team's success in interscholastic competition will come more into focus. Athletes will need to be prepared to join the varsity squad when they are called upon.

    At the varsity level, higher level technical skills will take on more of a integral role.  Technical skills will still be practiced and increased emphasis will be placed on the team achieving the highest possible level of success. In order to achieve team success at the varsity level, playing time will be determined by wrestle off results and the coaching staff based upon the needs of the team and the skills of the athlete.
Last Modified on November 5, 2015