• Spelling  is assigned on Monday and due on Friday each week
    Spelling is differentiated by developmental groups  


    Explanation of Spelling work
    • Developmental Spelling
       In order to differentiate based on student need, we also incorporate  The Developmental Spelling program which focuses on spelling patterns and are based on student development. Your child will receive an additional piece of paper with an extra 20-25 words each week. 


    Spelling work will look like this every week:
    •  Monday - sort the words according to the pattern we discussed in class.
    • Tuesday - Write the words in alphabetical order, including the 5 core words.
    • Wednesday - Write a paragraph or ten to fifteen sentences using some of the spelling words.  
    • Thursday - Give the spelling test to a buddy in order to practice the words.
    • When the test comes home, help your child celebrate their success and discuss the missed words.  Have your child fix his/her mistakes on the attached white sheet.


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Last Modified on February 22, 2019