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    Ray Lewis, Ravens LB, could lead USA's wrestling team

    Tom Hauck/Associated Press
    The way Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis wraps up running backs, it's little wonder he's a former standout wrestler .

    In the spirit of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, we're projecting which NFL players would be best suited to participate in 10 popular events.

    The NFL is full of players with impressive wrestling backgrounds. When I was working as a scout, it was always a big plus to discover the prospect I was evaluating had a strong wrestling résumé. Those prospects tend to be very physically and mentally tough. There were dozens of candidates for this category, but I settled on these three players:

    Ray Lewis, LB, Baltimore Ravens: Lewis would be the captain of the NFL wrestling team. Lewis captured two high school state wrestling titles in Florida, and his skills are still on display every Sunday when he gets his hands on opposing running backs. He consistently drives his hips, wrapping up the runner and quickly getting him to the ground. I'm not quite sure his pregame dance would have the same effect were he to perform it in a singlet rather than pads, but it would be very entertaining.

    Roddy White, WR, Atlanta Falcons: White was an excellent high school wrestler, claiming two state championships in South Carolina before moving on to play football at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. The strength that he uses to defeat press coverage on the field can largely be attributed to his impressive wrestling background.

    Riley Reiff, OT, Detroit Lions: The Lions' first-round pick in 2012 was once a dominant high school wrestler, collecting three state titles in South Dakota. While studying him last spring, I noticed that he has incredibly strong hands and a keen understanding of leverage, attributes that were likely honed on the wrestling mat.

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    Why My Kids Will Wrestle..

    Published October 30th, 2012 by Cael Sanderson

    Why my kids will wrestle..

    1. Foundation sport. Wrestling is the perfect foundation for all other sports. Wrestling is balance, agility, hand –eye coordination, flexibility, positioning, strength, speed, explosiveness, footwork, hustle, mental focus, mental toughness, core strength, concentration, competition, and endurance. Wrestling will make our youth better at all other sports.

    2. Fun. Wrestling is a game. It is the most basic and instinctual game. Toddlers wrestle. The sport of wrestling is the ultimate competition where two individual take their individual strengths and match them up against each other. Wrestling is a battle of wits, technique, speed, agility, flexibility, and toughness. No two wrestlers are alike. Fun stuff!!

    3. Exercise. Wrestling is one the world’s most premier physical fitness sports. Wrestling develops strength and endurance. Poor health is a major issue in our society today and wrestling will help develop a love of exercise and physical fitness in our youth.

    4. Self-confidence. Very little is accomplished without self-confidence. Wrestling teaches self-confidence like nothing else I know outside of religion and knowing that you are a child of God. Insecure people have the most difficult time learning from others and make progress even more difficult than it already is. Wrestling teaches hard work, self-improvement, sense of accomplishment, camaraderie of team, 1 on 1 aspect, and self-defense to name a few. These promote self-worth, respect and confidence.

    5. Self-defense. Although wrestling is not commonly considered a “martial art,” it is the #1 base discipline in the world of MMA. Wrestlers know how to defend themselves and neutralize threats quickly. Wrestling is controlling an opponent. If you want your kids to know how to defend themselves, put them in wrestling.

    6. Humility. Nothing teaches humility better than a 1-on-1 sport. Winning and losing in a 1-on-1 setting brings humility. There is nowhere to hide and no one to blame but yourself. All wrestlers will lose at some point and doing so in these conditions teaches humility. Hard work and discipline are two keys to success in wrestling and both teach humility.

    “…I learned a lot about taking responsibility for my actions when I wrestled for 4 years…All professional athletes ought to spend a year wrestling. It teaches you something, You get pinned; you can’t blame the coach. You can’t blame your teammates. The guy you are looking for is staring back at you in the mirror” –former Phillies pitcher Mitch Williams

    7. Respect. The challenges of being a wrestler teach you to respect yourself. After you learn to respect yourself you will learn to respect others. You learn to respect your team mates as well as your opponents. You learn to listen to and respect your coach. After you learn to respect others you are able to learn from them, a life lesson.

    8. Self-discipline. Wrestling is discipline. Repetition of drills, hard work, weight management, and continually doing the best thing instead of the easiest thing is discipline. Wrestling requires postponing instant “wants” to gain something more valuable long term. It takes discipline and focus to reach goals.

    9. Roadmap to success. Wrestling is the perfect example of what it takes to be successful in life. Goal setting, hard work, determination, focus, love of challenges, love of competition, confidence, being coachable, mental toughness, discipline, creativity, team work and accountability.

    10. Toughness. Wrestling is a physical, contact sport. You learn that sometimes you just get poked in the eye. Physical and mental toughness go hand in hand. You learn that a little pain or struggle is part of the process of doing great things.

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