• Club Structure
  •      Key Club is a great opportunity for students to get involved in their High School and community! We welcome new members all year long, and encourage everyone to join us in our volunteer efforts! Along with the general club, we also have a board of students who help to make the more detailed decisions for our events and do the behind the scenes work to make our events and club meetings possible. We elect our board members at the end of each Key Club year to be on the board the following school year. After the start of our Key Club year, we also elect one student from each grade to be the representative of their grade. This way when we plan our events, we take into consideration the ideas from all grades in our school.


    Current board members for our 2022-2023 Key Club year:

    • President: Isabella Caceres
    • Vice President: Luis Otarola
    • Secretary: Marie Meredith
    • Treasurer: Neal Kochhar
    • Editor: Ellen Jun
    • Webmaster: Mirabella Bills
    Faculty Advisor: Ashley Corvin (acc29@scasd.org)



Last Modified on September 6, 2022