XBMC Classroom Multimedia System

    Beginning with the 2014/2015 school year, all district classrooms feature a recycled laptop as a XBMC tuner. The tuners can play DVDs, but not VHS, and can also access a SCASD video library.


    • Cable is gone, plan is to not replace any dvd/vcrs

    • Comcast has changed to digital cable and we are not renewing/upgrading (cost prohibitive).

    What are the advantages?
    • Access to on-demand library that we have chosen to upload

    • Live broadcast channels by request

    • Kahn academy, Youtube and other resources

    • Weather

    What are the disadvantages?

    • Copyright--not all VHS tapes can be copied

    • Cable management

    • Can’t upload personally purchased video

    Tutorial here

Last Modified on April 14, 2016