• September 15, 2015 - Resilience:Helping Kids Find Their Way to a Meaningful Life
    Presenter: Leo Flanagan, Ph.D.

    From pre-school through college, we entrust our children to institutions to prepare them for what we hope to be fulfilling lives. While we often focus on academic preparation, social and emotional learning [SEL] is equally important. There are some indications that we are improving academic preparation. For instance, the on-time high school graduation reached an all-time high of 80% in 2012. Unfortunately, indicators of the social and emotional lives of our children are disturbing. Reported bullying continues to increase at an alarming rate with a 24% rise in the four short years between 2003 and 2007. In the first 18 months after the horrific Newtown, CT school shooting there were an additional 74 school shootings. This interactive discussion helps parents and caregivers: 

     Separate their aspirations from the children they care for 
     Help kids explore their strengths and passions in order to chart their course to a meaningful life 
     Understand that while a normal part of growing up is experimentation, parents and caregivers need to set and hold boundaries 
     Use the two most powerful words to reinforce boundaries without igniting conflict 
     Teaching kids how to be pragmatically optimistic 
    Participants will be taught how to use three practical tools to support kids in creating a fulfilling life for themselves.

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    For more information, please check out the slides from Leo Flanagan, PhD. presentation.
     For more information on resilience, please take a look at Jana Marie Foundation's Candid Conversations Video on Resilience.
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