• Journals: 
          A: An article from a newspaper, magazine, etc. that pertains to nature in any broad capacity. A reflection of 100+ words should follow.
          B: A piece of creative writing that pertains to nature. This can be a paragraph, a poem, a quotation, etc. A reflection of 100+ words                    should follow.
          C: A visual from nature. This might be a photograph, a painting, a sculpture, or an artifact. A reflection of 100+ words should follow.
    Journals are due the end of each week. They will be on loose-leaf pages. There are to be three entries each week. 
    Reading assignments with quizzes and written reflections.  Reflections are one - one & one half double spaced typed pages and our due the same day as the reading assignment.  Our first book is Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods.


    Nature Writings: A Walk in the Woods

    (Revised 25 February 2020)

    Due 4 February: Chapter 5//////Due 6 February: Chapter 6/////Due 7 February: Journal/

    ////Due 10 February: Chapter 7 & Reflection #1 (on or before)//////Due 12 February: Chapter 8//////

    Due 14 February: Chapter 9 & Journal //////Due 19 February: Chapters 10 & Reflection #2 (on or before)//////

    Due 21 February: Chapters 11 & 12 & Journal/////Due 25 February: Chapters 13 & 14/////

    Due 27 February: Chapters 15 & 16/////Due 3 March: Chapters 17 & 18/////

    Due March 5: Chapters 19 - 22 & Reflection #3 (on or before)


Last Modified on March 2, 2020