SAT Prep Resources

    The following are suggestions for SAT prep materials. Feel free to use these or something you find on your own.

    1. Khan Academy (free)

    • Easy sign up with your SCASD email address
    • Provides diagnostics to determine what areas you need help with
    • Practice example questions 
    • 4 full length practice tests
    • Test tips and guidance 


    2. CK12 Foundation (free)

    • No login necessary
    • Online textbooks with practice questions and explanations 


    3.  Schmoop ($14.99/month)

    • Diagnostic exam
    • Reports and statistics
    • Four full length practice exams
    • 1,000 + vocabulary words
    • 1,000 + SAT practice problems
    • Test strategies
    • Flashcards 



    4. Prepfactory (free)

    • Sign in using your SCASD email account
    • Test prep videos
    • Play vocabulary and math games against others also studying for the SAT! 


    5.  Chegg Test Prep (free while BETA lasts)

    • Video lessons
    • Lecture notes
    • Practice problems and tests 


    6. Universtiy HQ (free)


    • SAT Prep Resouce Guide
    • Practice problems and tests
    • Tips for studying
    • Test tips


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