AP Test Results

    In 2015, 273 student took 761 Advanced Placement Tests.

    88% of the tests taken scored a 3 or higher.

       38% (292 students) scored a 5

       30% (227 students) scored a 4

       20% (153 students) scored a 3

    27 National AP Scholar Students

    Adv. Algebra 2
    Adv. Astronomy
    Adv. Band
    Adv. Biology 1
    Adv. Botany
    Adv. Chemistry1
    Adv. Choir
    Adv. Computer Eng. Graphics
    Adv. Earth Systems Science 1
    Adv. Economics
    Adv. English 9
    Adv. English 10
    Adv. English 11
    Adv. French 4
    Adv. Genetics
    Adv. Geology
    Adv. Geometry
    Adv. German 4
    Adv. Honors Pre-calculus
    Adv. Journalism 2
    Adv. Latin Lit. A
    Adv. Latin Lit. B
    Adv. Meterology
    Adv. Molecular and Cellular Biology
    Adv. Nutrition
    Adv. Oceanography
    Adv. Photography
    Adv. Physics 1 and AET
    Adv. Pre-calculus
    Adv. Rock Ensemble
    Adv. Spanish 4
    Adv. Strings
    Adv. Topics in Math
    Adv. World History 1
    Adv. World History 2
    Adv. Zoology
    Adv. Art History
    Adv. Comparative Government
    Adv. Computer Science
    Adv. Early European History
    Adv. English Lang. 11
    Adv. English Lit 12
    Adv. French Language
    Adv. German Language
    Adv. Government
    Adv. Calculus AB
    Adv. Calculus BC
    Adv. Music Theory
    Adv. Psychology
    Adv. Physics 1+
    Adv. Physics C: M&EM
    Adv. Recent European History
    Adv. Spanish Language
    Adv. Statistics
    Adv. Studio Art
    Adv. US History
    Delta Program Advanced Courses
    Adv. Anatomy & Physiology
    Adv. Anthropology
    Adv. Bioethics
    Adv. Biotechnology & Genetics
    Adv. Calculus
    Adv. English Seminar 1
    Adv. English Seminar 2
    Adv. Poets & Poetry 1
    Adv. Poets & Poetry 2
    Adv. Psychology
    Adv. Psychology 2
    Adv. Sociology
    Adv. Topics in English 1
    Adv. Topics in English 2
    Adv. Topics in Social Studies 1
    Adv. Topics in Social Studies 2
    Career & Technical Center Advanced Courses
    Adv. Accounting 1
    Adv. Accounting 2
    Adv. Arch Draft & Design 3
    Adv. Arch Draft & Design 4
    Adv. Building Construction Tech
    Adv. Automotive Technology
    Adv. Net Cisco 1
    Adv. Net Cisco 2
    Adv. Engineering Technology
Last Modified on March 28, 2016