• Proceeds from Bravo Boosters student fundraisers are allocated into personal student fundraising accounts for participating students.  This is not an actual savings account. All funds are held in the Bravo Boosters checking account and students may only request to use these funds for approved purposes.. Student fundraisers are provided as a way for students to work to offset the costs of high school thespian trips and other thespian-related expenses that involve Bravo Boosters.  Any unused funds at graduation may be transferred to another current thespian student (sibling or friend) upon request (deadline June 15). All undesignated funds left over at graduation will be transferred to the Bravo Boosters general fund to support all thespian students.
    Student-earned funds from a particular fundraiser are not available until after the fundraiser has been completed for the year.
    You may request your earned funds via this link: http://goo.gl/forms/vKbTmPkg50 
Last Modified on February 15, 2016