• Board Charge for Committee on Policy Development:
    The purpose of the Committee for Policy Development is as follows:
    A. Oversee the review and publication of all policies adopted by the Board.
    B. As charged by the Board, consider policy suggestions from Board members, the superintendent, the district solicitor, or the community. The committee would recommend development of policies to the Board.
    C. In collaboration with the Board, the committee would recommend priorities in policy review and adoption, including a review cycle.
    D. With alignment to the Board’s expectations pertaining to state and federal policy, the committee would propose communications with elected officials at the local, state and federal levels.
    This committee meets on a monthly basis with adjustments in frequency based on the Board’s direction.
    Committee Members:
    Amy Bader
    Lori Bedell
    Gretchen Brandt
    Dan Duffy


Last Modified on January 15, 2020