Summary of Our Nationally Recognized Program:
     Building Construction Technology is a program that has developed curriculum teaching a student the tools, skills, and process of how to build a home from the ground up. We start the first exploring year by learning the proper methods of advanced tool use and safety and quickly move into surveying, site-work, excavation, concrete footings and foundation methods, and finally the framing of a home. Your student will see all the latest tools, go on important field trips, but most importantly not just learn about how a house is built but do it! Our advanced lab and construction arena provides the space for every student to investigate and explore their fields of interest by getting the hands on experience of every phase of construction. This class is tailored to the student who may want to be in a trade, may want to get into construction management, or just wants to understand how a house works so they are prepared when they go out on their own someday. We emphasize the soft skills essential for employment in today's economy regardless of what career they pursue, as well as set strict standards and expectations solidifying respect, teamwork, integrity and safety in the students life. Almost every potential career and job within the fields of construction are touched on as well as the salaries paid throughout the nation for those fields of interest. Every month has a community opportunity to showcase our students or investigate our profession by attending seminars, field trips, or career programs. This class has been described as not only a complete guide to home ownership but a life skill's class as well. We welcome you to investigate our success as the 2014 NAHB Most Outstanding Student Chapter for all high schools and colleges.
    Program Highlights and Additional Opportunities:


    National Association of Home Builders Student Chapter Annual Kick-Off  Picnic


    Homecoming Parade Float Construction and Entry- The class and NAHB Student Chapter engages in building a full professional float for the Homecoming Parade utilizing the opportunity to learn skills and get familiar with using power tools on a fun not intimidating project having fun with fellow club members
    Entrepreneurship Challenge-    Students create, write up, and present their own business plans in teams or on their own . They them          present them at an event locally and submit a written plan for the competition.
    Green-Build Energy Conference- Advanced students make the trip to Washington D.C to attend the largest Environmental Building Conference in the U.S. We visit the Home Innovation Research Lab in Maryland and also visit the American Art and History museum as well as the National Building Museum for the 3 day trip.
    -   Penn State Morningstar Green Home- Students take a day field trip to connect our Energy building curriculum to a real world Solar home on the PSU Campus
    -NAHB Remodeling Show -Baltimore Maryland
    -Hankin Lecture Series, Penn State University,
    -NAHB Awards Banquet, Penn State University
    NAHB Student Chapter Fundraiser Acivities-   All the students engage in professional selling and product management skills by engaging in 2 major fundraisers for supporting the field trips and our weekly Wednesday afternoon Club meetings
     -PHRC and Penn State Engineering Testing Lab Tour- The students head up to Penn State where the Residential Construction Program, within the Engineering Department of PSU, has a materials ans systems testing lab. The students get a direct injection to true product and application research and testing right in our back yard.
    -Building Construction Technology Load Testing Competition- students create 3 concrete footing and engage as teammates in a competition for the best engineered footing as we load test their result, prizes and suspense!!
    International Builders Show- Advanced Level students are given the opportunity to attend the International Builders Show to see the best of the best in the world and every possible career within the Engineering, Architectural, and Construction Management career paths.
    -Construction Management Competition- Students tackle a professional building project of designing, drawing, and estimating a new home construction or renovation project within the United States competing against other Building Construction Management Programs within 50 states and present their proposal at the International Builders Show
     -Entrepreneurship Challenge-    Students create, write up, and present their own business plans in teams or on their own . They them          present them at an event locally and submit a written plan for the competition, this is round 2. Our class has had 4 state and regional winners in the past 3 years, 2 of which were freshman teams. A great opportunity to engage in understanding how a business works.
    - Builders Association of Central Pennsylvania Home Show at the Bryce Jordan Center. Our program has always been provided a full size booth for the event to showcase our great students and the efforts they undertake in our community. A great way to get involved with the local builders and learn to present.
    -Corl street Elementary School Energy Days, and Electrical Systems, Our students have alwaysd engaged with the elementary schools presenting what they have learned to the 3rd and 5th graders on energy and electrical within the systems of a home. "If you really want to know if you unddrstand something teach someone else", its a fun way to learn, build a personal project, and showcase it to the students.
    -Penn College Tour- Students tour the Pennsylvania College of Technology seeing all the courses and the campus.
    -Corl Street Elementary School Garden - Our students every year participate in advancing the success of the Corl Street Garden. Several years ago we build the exterior fence, entry gate and trellis, beds. and misc. This past year we built a storage tool shed, and this coming spring we are looking forward to installing a small patio and a composting station. Great fun with hands on work and learning.


     Pleas note, great events pop up all the time and this is a short sampling of the opportunities for our program. Our student chapter club meets every Wednesday and engages in dozens of great , fun, construction focused events.
Last Modified on August 28, 2018