Fashion & Technology

    Course Outline


    • Course information
    • The meaning of clothing and fashion
    • Fashion movements

    The Influence of Color and Technology

    • How color affects your life
    • The color wheel and you
    • Personal color analysis
    • Your color palate
    • Planning spaces room application

    Body Dimensions

    • Taking correct measurements
    • Figure analysis
    • Selecting the styles that fit you

    Construction details

    • Equipment
    • Terminology
    • Fibers and fabrics
    • Seam and construction samples
    • Sample project

    Project Selection

    • Guidelines
    • Pattern and fabric selection
    • Pattern and fabrics preparation
    • Notion selection
    • Construction
    • Project evaluation standards
    • Selection of second and third projects
    • Seasonal selections
    • Home decorating options

    Careers in Fashion and Technology

    • Marketing
    • Design
    • Costuming
    • Merchandizing
    • Educator


    All items will be assigned a point value according to the scale below:

    • ¼ Worksheets, Samples, Learning Checks, Evaluations
    • ½ Projects- 3 required for the first year
    • 6 required for second year
    • 6 with difficulty required for third year
    • ¼ Classroom participation and daily work
    • Each student begins with 100 points for participation per marking period; each day you are not working on Fashion & Technology related work, 5 points will be deducted.

    Student Expectations

    • Be in the classroom when the bell rings.  If you are late to class, bring a pass.
    • Come to class prepared.  Bring a pencil.  If you need supplies, bring them in a timely manner.
    • YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BRIGING IN THE SUPPLIES YOU NEED FOR THE REQUIRED NUMBER OF PROJECTS>  THIS INCLUDES ITEMS LIKE FABRICS, LININGS, MATHCHING THREADS, INTERFACTING, BUTTONS, ZIPPERS, AND ANYTHING ELSE THAT WILL BE NEEDED TO COMPLETE YOUR PROJECT, If you are using resources that have been donated to the extra fabrics, patterns, threads, be courteous of other students and the budget of the FCS department, share and appreciate what you do not have to pay for.
    • If you are absent, you are required to obtain the make up work.
    • Obtain make-up work outside of class time, and complete promptly.
    • Make efficient use of class time. YOU MUST BE WORKING ON A FASHION AND TECHNOLOGY ITEM EACH DAY!!
    • Treat equipment, supplies and classroom fixtures with respect.
    • Cleanup all of your work areas and store materials in appropriate areas and ways each day.  It items are left out, do not expect to find them for the next class period. Other classes and groups use the sewing room
    • Follow written and oral instructions as given.
    • Bring a positive work attitude to class.
    • Always choose responsible and appropriate behavior during project work periods.
    • Treat classmates with respect, courtesy and cooperation.


    Please note that this is an anticipated course outline; time, availability, and events may necessitate periodic changes in order and /or content. 

Last Modified on September 19, 2017