Medications on Field Trips

  • Please review the following information for the parent’s responsibilities of the field trip process when there is a need to send medications along with the student. Below is a list of steps to complete the request for medications during a trip. This information would need to be included on the "SCASD Field Trip Permission Form" (sent home by the teacher) and returned to school at least TWO WEEKS BEFORE the trip. Any medication sent on a field trip MUST have all requirements met per the district’s medication policy for medication administered at school, click on the link for more info:   

    Medication Policy





    Steps for completing Field Trip Permission Form:


    Step 1: Indicate a need for medication.

    If there is a need for medication, check-mark the box "DOES (    ) need medication"


    Step 2: Identify the person responsible for administering the medication.    

    Because you know your child's medical history and reactions, it is recommended for a student's family member to attend the trip when possible.  You will need to handwrite in the person’s name on the line: " I have confirmed with the principal or teacher that __________________________ will supervise/administer the following medication(s). Then either checkmark the box of the medication or handwrite in the medication name where it states "Other medication".


    If no family member is able to attend, and medication during the trip is medically necessary, a nurse may attend a field trip. This falls under "Licensed Nurse". Medications typically monitored and given by a nurse include insulin, glucagon, glucose tablets, diastat, epinephrine and inhalers for students who are NOT self-carry. In order for the Licensed Nurse to be designated all medications and action plans/medication permission forms must be turned into the Health Room BEFORE a nurse could be scheduled and at least TWO WEEKS prior to the field trip.


    ***ADHD meds:   Please note, If any ADHD medication administration times are during a trip, we ask that parents call the nurse to discuss the possibility of changing the administer time to when the student returns to school when warranted.



    Step 3: Return all forms back to the school.


    ***Please contact the school nurse for any concerns related to medications on field trips


Last Modified on February 6, 2019