• Students will be selected for admittance to the National Honor Society based upon clear and convincing evidence of the four pillars.  Students who receive an invitation have already evidenced the pillar of scholarship. The remainder of the pillars will be assessed according to the following rubric. 

    Note: Only activities, awards, and service earned during high school (starting the day after 8th grade) will be considered as part of this application.  All community service hours claimed as part of this application must also be recorded in the high school or Delta counseling office. 

    SCAHS National Honor Society Selection Rubric

    NHS Rubric

    Activities Standards

    • Outstanding: Student is engaged 4 activities, has participated in at least 3 for more than 1 year
    • Exceeds: Student is engaged 3 activities, has participated in at least 2 for more than 1 year
    • Meets: Student participates 2 activities, has participated in at least 1 for more than 1 year
    • Below: Student participates in 1 or no activities


    Leadership Standards

    • One point: Student has proven, sustained evidence of leadership in an activity
    • One point: Student has earned a significant award that serves as further evidence of leadership (ex: a gold or silver award in girl scouts; Judge Sharp Award; underclass award) Note: Top 10%, Honor Roll, Principals Award and other grade-based awards do not count in this domain as exemplary scholarship for all invitees has already been proven.  


    Essay Standards

    • Outstanding: Essay is not only well organized, providing a compelling explanation of character throughout, but is artful in its construction, using precise language consistently appropriate to the purpose in a style that engages the reader.
    • Exceeds: Essay is well organized and clear. Provides thorough evidence of strong character. Understanding of standards of writing is consistent.   
    • Meets: Essay shows sufficient evidence of student’s strong character. Uses language appropriate to the purpose. Demonstrates a command of standard English conventions with occasional minor errors. 
    • Below: Essay does not adequately address the prompt. Writing errors or an insufficient understanding of writing conventions detract from the essay.
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