The design and operation of the Delta Program is based on thirteen goals which have developed since the program began in 1974.


    1. The Delta Program will provide and encourage opportunities for students to establish their own goals and to accept individual responsibility for the design and conduct of their own learning program.


    2. The Delta Program will provide a guidance program utilizing professional counselors, teachers, and members of the community to help students with their educational programs, individual goals, and personal matters.


    3. The Delta Program will provide all students with equal opportunities to learn what they need to learn, when they need to learn it, in an environment that is conducive to learning.  Services that cannot be provided at Delta will be made available at the High School.


    4. The Delta Program will involve students in the determination of school policies, procedures, and governance.


    5. The Delta Program will provide for the participation of each student in career education.


    6. The Delta Program will involve every student in some form of community service.


    7. The Delta Program will be based in one of the school district facilities but will consider the whole community as a learning laboratory by making use of both public and private facilities.


    8. The Delta Program will offer a range of courses from which students may elect a program designed to meet their own needs, interests, abilities, and learning styles.


    9. The Delta Program will meet the curriculum requirements established by the Department of Education.




    Our vision of a Delta Program community member is one who is:


    • confident, adventurous and productive:

                - developing a healthy life style

                - developing a sense of empowerment


    • sensitive to others and good at establishing and maintaining relationships:

                - practices appropriate group/community involvement skills

                - develops multi-cultural awareness

                - is open-minded to individual differences

                - is welcoming to new Delta community members


    • aware and curious, a seeker of knowledge:

                - becoming a capable reader, writer, listener, speaker

                - becoming technologically and quantitatively literate

                - developing good research skills

                - preparing for future educational pursuits and/or a career

                - prepared to share knowledge in the community and classroom


    • self-directed, skilled at decision-making:

                - developing critical thinking skills

                - developing creative problem solving skills

                - willing to take educational risks


    • aware of the aesthetic dimensions of life:

                - responds aesthetically to the world

                - makes critical judgments about the fine arts


    • a world citizen with the ability to bring about change and who is committed to making the world a better place:             

                - develops an historical perspective

                - is involved in social action and community service

                - participates in governance activities

                - knows and practices non-violent conflict resolution skills