• Delta Program History


    The Alternative Program, or AP, opened its doors in the fall of 1974. The program changed its name to the Delta Program in 1993, in order to better reflect the school’s nature. The idea of a second high school within the State College Area School District was a result of dialogue between district staff for several years. By November, 1972, the School Board encouraged administration to begin a serious study of the concept of a school of choice.


    In 1973, district staff members, students, parents, and interested community members formed a task force to study the potential creation of a school of choice in the district. The committee discovered considerable community support for a new educational program with the following characteristics:

    • Use of the community as a classroom
    • Student, staff, and parent involvement in decision making
    • Flexible curriculum
    • Teachers working as academic advisors
    • Community service requirement
    • Exercise of student self-governance.


    The school board agreed to launch the Alternative Program for the 1974/75 school year.

    The first classes for grades 9-12 began at the Alternative Program, located at the College Heights School, in the fall of 1974. The program enrolled more than 120 students in its first year. In August 1976, the State College Area Board of School Directors gave their permission for the program to continue operating.

    Since its inception, Delta has evolved in response to the community it serves. Major program changes include:

    • Relocation of the Alternative Program to the Fairmount School in 1981
    • Expansion of the program to include grades 7 and 8 in 1982
    • Increased focus on experiential education in 1983
    • A community service requirement for each student in 1989
    • The change in name from the Alternative Program to the Delta Program in 1993
    • Establishment of integrated curriculum and an experiential time block in 1996
    • The creation of a separate Delta Middle Level Program for grades 5-8 in 2014

    The Delta Program continues to flourish today with the constant development of new and innovative classes, a friendly atmosphere, and a rich learning environment.