• Let's be in touch!    

    If you are wondering whether you should call or e-mail, 

    please do either.

    Name: Kerry Wiessmann
    Email: kgw11@scasd.org mail me
    Work numbers: 231-1185 or 231-4119
    Home number: 238-1764
    Cell number: 571-8909
    If you call at one school but I am at the other school, the secretary can patch you through to my other school.

    If you have to leave a message, I try to get back to you as soon as possible prior to the end of the school day, as I do check my messages throughout the day.

    If you reach me by phone and I am with someone, I will need to return your call. Your call is importantto me so please do not be offended if I need to call you back.

    If you e-mail me and I don"t respond within a couple of hours I may not have access to my computer so please call if you need an immediate response.

    Feel free to call me at home until 9 p.m. but know that I have two children who expect my attention at home. I may need to call you back.

    On the weekend I do not check my e-mail until Sunday evening but I do take calls at home or on my cell phone.  
    If I am scheduled to be at my other school, I can still see you or your child if needed, and will come to your school to do so.
Last Modified on March 6, 2013