• Confidentiality
    All counselors comply with the standards for confidentiality outlined for school counselors as part of our professional ethics.  All information shared with a Counselor is considered confidential and will not be shared with other staff members, students or people outside of school unless permission is given to do so, or there is an urgent need for them to know.  When I start working with a child I will ask parents whether I may share information with the Instructional Support Teacher, the Principal and/or the teacher if it seems there is a need to do so, and it seems this would help the child. 
    Permission to Disclose Information Form
    Permission to share information with agencies, such as report cards or a child's progress, must be in writing and you can get the form from the office secretary to allow us to do this. 
    Counselor Notes
    Counselor notes are NOT  part of a child"s official school record.  These notes are kept strictly for maintaining excellence in service to the child and school.  Upon occasion the counselor may be asked to write a counseling summary for a child as part of a formal evaluation or to give to an outside agency.  Permission to do so will be sought from the parents to disclose this information and only the relevant information will be shared. 
    Mandated Reporters
    Counselors are mandated reporters and are legally required to share information with PA CHILDLINE in the event that a child  reports that she or he is being harmed or is in imminent danger.  CHILDLINE contacts the local Children and Youth Services, who interview the child and the family.  After they have completed their investigation, then I may contact the family. 
Last Modified on March 20, 2020