• Wish list for HP/STES: The Health Professions & Sports Therapy and Exercise Science Classes are looking for help in obtaining donations of both specific equipment (listed below), financial sponsorships that can range from $20-$500 or more, and if you have gently used equipment you are looking to get rid of please email Dr. Reed (jlr42@scasd.org) or Mrs. Neal (mtn11@scasd.org) who will be happy to accept needed equipment.



    We would love the following items in any quantity you’re willing to donate:


    Welch Allyn thermometer probe covers


    Canes- various types (single point, hemi walker, standard, hurrycane, quad cane)

    Boxes of gloves of all sizes (latex free)

    Sterile gloves- all sizes

    Alcohol prep pads

    Disposable isolation gowns

    Disposable shoe covers

    Disposable hair covers

    Disposable face shields/masks

    Theraband- any color

    Theratubing- any color

    Theraputty- any color

    Cuticle orange sticks



    Nail polish for nursing home residents

    Razors for shaving practice

    Shaving cream

    Athletic tape 1", 1.5"

    Elastic athletic Tape 2", 3"

    Suture Kits/Material


    Give away gifts for guest speakers

    Give away prizes for student class games


    Student Sponsorship range from $10-$500 (just tell us what you can sponsor)  student field trips, state competition, uniforms, course fees, etc.

Last Modified on April 2, 2018