• When will I see your child? 

    Classroom Lessons
        Throughout the year I visit your child's class to teach lessons about social and emotional skills at least once a month.  In some classes I may visit a class as much as once a week.  Lessons are about understanding emotions, self-control, making friends, resolving conflicts, and positive problem solving. 

    Lunch Club
       Lunch is a great time for children to relax and get to know one another better.  With my assistance children may find new things they have in common, how to play new games and how to improve social skills such as sharing, taking turns, giving compliments, and gracefully giving negative feedback.  Most children love lunch club and all children may be taken to lunch club sometime during the year.  If your child may go to lunch club on a regular basis I will call for permission and send home a form for your written consent. 

    Small Groups
        During the year the need for some limited small group sessions to address particular needs of children may arise.  Some groups that might run once/week for 6-10 weeks are groups focused on families, communication skills, friendships, anxiety or leadership skills.  Children are identified by other children or teachers to be invited to attend a group.  An invitation is extended by a letter home with a permission slip.  All children participating in groups must have permission slip to attend.  At some point during the group I try to contact every parent just to touch base.  Parents are welcome to call any time and may withdraw permission to participate at any time. 

    Individual Counseling
        The counselor serves all children as the need arises.  At any time the counselor may be requested to see a child by the teacher, by the parent, by school staff or by children, themselves.  When it seems that it would be helpful for me to see a child for a number of sessions, I contact parents to discuss how best to help their child.  When requested I attempt to see children once a week for 6-10 weeks though this is not always possible. The teacher and counselor work together to find the best time possible for the child to leave the class and children usually are not taken out of specials or core curriculum lessons.   

Last Modified on March 19, 2020