• Nicole R. Steele
    Director of Technology

    Nicole Steele Nicole Steele joined the district in July 2013 and brings extensive experience leading educational technology in Arizona. Ms. Steele's belief is that technology should serve the needs of education, and she works to develop, implement and train teachers in the technology that will support their needs and methods. She has worked to ensure a culture that embraces technology and appreciates the synergistic relationship between information technology (IT) and classroom staff.

        ⁃    M. Ed. Educational Administration and Supervision - Arizona State University
        ⁃    B.S. Elementary and Kindergarten Education - Penn State University

    Leadership Experience:
        ⁃    Member, Arizona Department of Education’s technical review team to adopt new instructional support tools (i.e. learning management system, content management system, professional development system)
        ⁃    Arizona Technology in Education Association Elected Board Member
        ⁃    Pinal County Interactive Television (ITv) Consortium Board of Directors, president two years
        ⁃    Member, Florence Unified School District Committee to adopt science curriculum materials
        ⁃    Florence Unified School District Curriculum and Assessment Development Team Co-Chairperson
        ⁃    Member Pinal County Math and Science Leadership Team
        ⁃    Pinal County Interactive Television Consortium and NCLB Title IID Technology Grant: The Eloy Partnership – Florence Unified School District Site Contact and Coach
        ⁃    Member, Florence Unified School District committee to develop an Academically Talented and Gifted Program
        ⁃    Florence Unified School District Curriculum and Assessment Development Team Member

    Previous Experience
        ⁃    Six years as Director of Educational Technology - Florence Unified School District in Florence, AZ (metro Phoenix area)
        ⁃    Instructional Specialist - Florence Unified School District,  mostly focused around supporting teachers with technology integration
        ⁃    Instructional Projects/Enrichment facilitator
        ⁃    Fifth grade teacher - two years
        ⁃    Professional Development School Intern, Radio Park Elementary School

    In her previous district Nicole was involved in a one-to-one laptop implementation. In 2009, when opening a new high school (second high school in the district), her district chose to forgo textbooks and use digital content and resources to teach the curriculum. The district provided each student (1800) with a laptop. During the following school year the program expanded to the other high school of 800 students.

    She was awarded Technology Director of the Year in 2012 by the Arizona Technology in Education Association.

    Originally from Rimersburg in Clarion County, Nicole lived for the past 11 years in Arizona but is excited to be back closer to her family. A "huge football fan," she enjoys hiking, camping, running, watching sports.

    Contact her:
    Email: nrs14@scasd.org
    Phone: 814-235-4583
Last Modified on November 29, 2016