Mrs. Cooper’s Homework Policies & Assignments:
    • Homework is given every FULL week of school Monday through Thursday evenings.
    • I never give homework on Fridays, UNLESS it is not done the night before and a student doesn’t do it on his or her own time.

    Reading: Homework will be either to read for 10-15 minutes and have an adult date and sign a reading log OR there will be a reading worksheet that comes home that will need to be completed.

    Math: Math (multiplication, addition, subtraction or division) facts and often a workbook page to complete as well. This is usually 1-2 pages of homework per night, but the facts should NOT take longer than 5 minutes to complete!

    Writing: The majority of writing assignments will be completed with me in class. I will assign writing journal prompts 2-3 times per week where the students will be expected to complete the writing prompt to the best of their ability.

    **If your child is NOT with me for a certain subject he/she will get homework from their regular classroom teacher. If your child is with me for certain subjects, the homework will come from me, not the regular classroom teacher. **


Last Modified on August 29, 2018