• May 5

    Posted by ONA FEINBERG on 5/5/2017

    What's Going On?

    Important Dates

    • May 8: Reading MAP testing AM (In ELA classroom)
    • May 15: Math MAP testing AM (In Math classroom) 
    • May 18, 19, 22: MUPPET MAKING! We need your help! See the email from me for details!
    • June 1: Field Trip to Schlow Library
    • June 6: Muppet Show! Please come. Shows will be in the morning (218's will be around 8:45, 219's will be around 10:30, but those are estimates as of now) 
    • June 9: Field Trip to Allegheny National Railroad
    • June 12: Field Day (Let us know if you'd like to come help run a game/station!)
    • June 14: Last day - 1/2 day of school

    For Your Information


    The Scoop!

    I can't believe it's May. I can believe it's Friday this week, but I can't believe it's May. :-) We are busy as ever in 218! If you haven't gotten a chance to read the email about our upcoming muppet project, I'd love if you could read through that this weekend. We really need your help to make the project successful. If you didn't get the email, let me know! Thank you so much to the people who have already sent in supplies!

    Right now we are using a lot of our time in reading to dig into the research. It's so great to see the kids excited about their choice topics. As they read about world issues and changemakers, I see them as the almost-7th graders they are, getting ready to take on the world! 

    In writing, we are also getting ready to write another informational essay. This one is called "What I wish my teacher knew about me." So far we have done a focused free write to get our ideas out, and some students have started organizing their ideas to get ready to write the essay next week. I'm really looking forward to reading these! 

    In Social Studies, we are continuing our study of Ancient Greece. Students spent a great deal of time learning about the politics of Ancient Greece -- and we will be working on the other PIECES in the upcoming weeks. 

    Thanks for sending such awesome kids my way each day! 


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  • March 28

    Posted by ONA FEINBERG on 3/28/2017

    What's Going On?

    Important Dates

    • April 1 Fun Fair @ PFMS (See below for more info)

    • April 3,4,5,6 ELA PSSA testing

    • April 24, 25, 26 Math PSSA testing 

    For Your Information


    The Scoop!

    I hope by now my students know that I know they are more than a test score. With the PSSA testing that is set to begin next week, there is a certain amount of anxiety in the air. I have told your children that THEY CAN DO THIS! They have learned so much this year so far! They have worked so very hard. 

    Please help your child be successful by reminding them that this is just one kind of assessment. I hope they work hard to show off all that they have learned, but I don't want it to be a stressful time for them. We will be doing one test a day, and plenty of fun activities during the afternoons. They've got this! 

    Please also make sure they have: 

    • A good night of sleep!
    • A healthy breakfast!
    • #2 Pencils
    • Calculator
    • Yellow Highlighter
    • A Book to read
    • Water Bottle

    If you are able to send in a snack for your child and their literacy class to enjoy after taking the ELA tests next week, please sign up here (Make sure to sign up for your child's homeroom so I can make sure each of my Literacy classes has snack on the PSSA days.) 


    April 1: Thon Fundraiser

    Please help us help kids with cancer!  In honor of MaryAnn Newcomb the Park Forest Middle School Student Council is sponsoring a "Driving 4 Diamonds" Buick Blitz and Fun Fair.  On Saturday, April 1st between 8am and 4pm you can stop by the front parking lot of the Park Forest Middle School and test drive a Buick (just around the parking lot - it won't take long).  Any adult over the age of 21 can do the test drive - so invite anyone you know.  Every test drive earns a $10 donation!!

    In addition, we will have lots of free activities for kids to participate in while their parents test drive.... we have a student arts festival, face painting, a backyard olympics, a bake sale and a pet the puppy area.  Fun for all!  

    Please try to find 10 minutes in your day on Saturday, April 1st between 8am and 4pm to help us with this event. Thank you! 


    Books, books, books. 

    The good news is that students are reading a TON of books! The not so good news is that many of our classroom library books are missing. I would estimate that we are missing a good 20 + books that belong on our classroom shelves! This is a good time to do a search of your house, car, your child's room, backpack, Grandma's house, etc. I will wait for (hopefully!) some more books to come in, and then I will do a more detailed accounting of which specific books I am missing. Books that belong at school either have a stame that says "6th grade instructional book" or "PFMS" on them, or they are marked with a "218" or "Feinberg" on the edge. I appreciate your help with this! 



    We have been slicing on our Google Classroom "blogs" all month. Students were required to slice each school day (Which would have been 17 days, but with our snow days it is now 15). However, many students signed up to be a part of the 31 day slice challenge! Getting into a daily habit of writing is a powerful way to become a better writer. Not to mention, it also helps you look at life and really notice what is going on around you. I have enjoyed reading the slices! Next week (most likely Monday) we will have a slicing party. If you are willing to help with sending in anything for that party, let me know via email. I hope to offer slices of Pizza and/or cake, and something to drink. I will also have a few prize drawings for those who challenged themselves and accomplished writing every day of March! This is no small task - I have done it on my blog for 3 years now. It takes dedication and committment. High Five to all who did it! 




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  • January 20

    Posted by ONA FEINBERG on 1/21/2017

    What's Going On?

    Important Dates

    • 1/27 Scholastic Book Orders due

    • 1/31 Report cards available online for students and families

    • 2/1 New AREAs begin

    • 2/1 Global Day of Play (Information coming soon!)

    For Your Information


    The Scoop!

    These kids amaze me every day. We are working hard, having fun - thinking deeply, reading reading,reading and writing writing writing! This week we took some time to thinkg about who Martin Luther King Jr. was. Today we created collaborative art in honor of Dr. King. This is an annual project that I began in 2012. I love how just a little bit of time and everyone's finger prints create symbols of peace and freedom. This year's picture is a candle, illusrating Dr. King's sentiments that "Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only Light can do that."  Check out the pictures at the top of this page. (I'm working on getting the pictures to be in the right direction!) 


    We are well into our Literary Essay unit. The students are doing a great job! This is a tough writing unit becuase we are learning the structure of an essay. We started with an essay all about the Third Little Pig. Then we moved on to one about the Big Bad Wolf. The content of these essays didn't have the 6th grade complexity, but it allowed us to work on that structure: Claim, Reasons, Evidence. Right now we are working on a short story called Raymond's Run. Now our literature is more complex, but we use the same structure. A big part of the challenge for many of the students seems to be organizing thoughts in order to write a well thought-out essay. We are working on it! :-) 


    Book clubs are up and running! Students chose their own book club books, and it is a joy watching them talk excitedly with each other about the books they are reading. We have been working on diving into characters, and coming up next will be some work with theme. As always, everyone should be aiming for 30 minutes of reading outside of school each day. I know this is asking a lot. I also know that it's the best way to help students become better readers, better learners, better students, better test takers... and I would argue, better citizens! If your child is having a hard time with reading stamina at home, let me know -- I'm here to help! Look for a reading check in to come home shortly. I'd appreciate if you could look it over and sign it. Thanks!

    Speaking of Reading...

    Here's where I remind everyone that ordering from scholastic is a great idea! (The  packets came home on Friday -- and you can order online by visiting www.scholastic.com/readingclub and using the one-time class activiation code: HWKJL) When you order from scholastic, your child gets a great book for that at-home reading, and our class gets points to use to get more great books for the classroom! (And then my husband gets to stop asking me "Is that another amazon box?" so much... Win-win-win!) 

    (Looking for more ways to help our class? We could really use some snacks. Some kids bring their own snack, and some kids have been happily having our leftover graham crackers from our Gingerbread houses. :-) If we had some more snacks for the class, that would be great!)

    Social Studies: 

    We are in Ancient Egypt! Our study of ancient Egypt will include learning about the PIECES of Ancient Egypt through reading and research -- and also vocabulary study, and reading strategies. Look for information about our research project coming soon. Some of the work will happen in our Social Studies class, and some will happen in our "Social Studies Extension" class. 




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  • December 15

    Posted by ONA FEINBERG on 12/15/2016

    For Your Information & Action Items

      • Please help remind your child that chromebooks need to come to school fully charged.

      • Important Dates

      • December 16  Fun Afternoon 3:30 - 5:00  ($3)
      • Spirit Week 12/19 - 12/21
          • Monday, 12/19: Crazy Sock & Team T-Shirt Day
          • Tuesday, 12/20: PJ & Cap Day
          • Wednesday, 12:21: PSU Bowl Day
          • Thursday, 12/22: Festive Sweater Day
      • December 22  Gingerbread houses (See below,  218: sign up here )
      • December 22 Wolves Talent Show (Students will sign up in school for this in-school activity)
      • December 23 - January 2: Winter Vacation: No School
        • December 23 - January 2: Book-a-day and Slice-a-day Winter Challenges (Not required






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  • December 2

    Posted by ONA FEINBERG on 12/2/2016

    For Your Information & Action Items

      • Please help remind your child that chromebooks need to come to school fully charged.

      • Important Dates:

        • Now - December 9 Food Drive *Wolves Team collecting all non-perishables, especially Fruit Snacks and Fruit Roll Ups
        • December 10 Pancake Breakfast at MNE 9:00 - 11:00 $5.00 Mini-thon fundraiser
        • December 11 Scholastic book orders due.
        • December 16  Fun Afternoon 3:30 - 5:00  
        • December 22  Gingerbread houses (See below,  218: sign up here )
        • December 22 Wolves Talent Show (Students will sign up in school for this in-school activity)
        • December 23 - January 2: Winter Vacation: No School
        • December 23 - January 2: Book-a-day Winter Challenge (Not required)
    • Scholastic Book orders: Book order flyers came home today -- You can send in a paper order, but the easiet way to order is to visit scholastic.com/readingclub and enter the one-time Class Activation Code HWKJL to order books. Your orders for home help fill our classroom library too! Thank you. Please order by December 11th (Let me know if your order is a surprise for your child!)


    The SCOOP: December 2

    December! This year is going quickly. The month is busy with learning - and we will also be doing some special activities, like a Talent Show, and our annual Gingerbread Houses!

    On Thursday, December 22, our class will be making and decorating gingerbread houses as an enrichment activity. Gingerbread houses are a tradition that the Pennsylvania Dutch brought with them to the new world centuries ago.We need some help from home. Here are some things we need.

    1. STUDENTS CAN BRING IN AN ITEM TO SHARE: Students have been asked to bring items like: a bag of candy, a can of icing for decoration, graham crackers. Please feel free to send any donations to school anytime on or before Wednesday, December 21. 218: sign up here  - 219 will sign up with Mrs. Weber.
    2. SHOE BOXES NEEDED: It makes transporting the houses much easier if each student brings a shoe box so the house can be built on the lid, and the box can protect the house on the way home. No worries if you can’t get a box- we’re trying to get extras. So... if you have more than one, please send it in.
      1. YOU CAN HELP AT SCHOOL... We could use a few (3) parent / family volunteers on the morning of Thursday, December 22. Please sign up on the spreadsheet if you are available for this. I will know the specific time in a few weeks.
      2. OR YOU CAN HELP AT HOME.... We can use a few students / families to prepare meringue icing at home before the event. The meringue icing is used as the “glue” to hold graham crackers together to make the houses (We use the graham crackers instead of true gingerbread) The icing is then put into individual ziploc bags for students to use. FYI- ingredients are: 3T. Wilton Meringue Powder (Wegmans or Giant, some years families who volunteer to make this share a container of the meringue powder...), 1 Pound (4 cups) powdered sugar (you provide), and 5-6T. warm water. You beat these ingredients together for about 10 minutes so it’s like icing (not as thick as meringue) and refrigerate in high-quality ziploc bags until usage (divide into 6 bags).


    Thank you VERY much for your help on this fun activity!!

    Winter weather. . . We will go outside everyday in the cold weather. Recess is approximately 15 - 20 minutes, and we only stay in if the temperature/real feel is hovering below or around 20 degrees.  Otherwise,  we all go out.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.  The general rule of thumb in the cold weather is that students should put on one more layer than they were wearing inside. As for shorts, since some kids seem to wear them year round, I am going to assume that you're o.k. with your child going out in shorts if he/she wears them to school in the winter. If this is not the case, either have them wear pants or keep warm up pants in their locker to put over their shorts. If there is snow on the ground, your child will need gloves, snow pants and boots to play in the snow.  If you do not have snow pants or boots, you can send in an extra pair of shoes or pants to wear instead.  This is optional, as the blacktop is usually cleared and kids can play there without any change in footwear or clothing. Thanks for your continued support -- outside time is very important to our academic day! 

    Winter Celebrations:  This week we will put up our Winter Tree. Every year I ask students to help me decorate it with things that represent something they love about winter or the winter holidays. For some students this is holiday related, and for others it is a different representation. Students can bring in actual ornaments if they want to, but most choose to make a small replica. In the past, I have had students make construction paper or clay fireplaces, skis, luggage, snowflakes, candles, etc.  In past years I have also had an electric menorah up, but I don't have mine anymore. I asked students to check if anyone has an extra they could lend our classroom for December. It would be great to have a Kinara as well!  This isn't an assignment, it's just a request. I always enjoy hearing what the students are excited about, and acknowledging this fun month, often full of celebrations, is another way we build our community.  

    Just because December is a fun and exciting month, doesn’t mean we aren’t also working hard!


    In writing, we have recently completed our Personal Narratives. The difference between the first narratives that the students wrote as a pre assessment, and the last ones they wrote as a post assessment was amazing! Final narratives were graded and sent home a week or so ago. Their assessment piece is in their google drive if you would like to see it. So many students were interested in working a little with fiction, that we have taken some time to start drafting fictional short stories. This has been a fun way to grow our writing even more. The next official writing unit is “Literary Essay.” We will also be working on word study (roots, prefixes, suffixes) and we will continue writing our slices of life about once a week.

    A big shift has happened in our reading class. We have been focusing on nonfiction! Surrounding our work with nonfiction strategies and skills, finding the central idea, supporting details, etc. etc. is the idea that we need to approach our nonfiction reading with a “questioning stance.” We have been talking about how nonfiction does not’ equal THE truth, but the other’s vision of a truth. I want students to read nonfiction thinking, “Really?” and looking for more information when something is confusing. We have centered the beginning of this unit on the 3 Big Questions: What Surprised me? What did the author think I already know? What challenged, changed, or confirmed what I knew? These questions help us approach nonfiction ready to learn and ready to question.

    In Social Studies, we have recently finished learning about the paleolithic people, and we are currently reading about the neolithic people. Students are practicing reading, discussion and note-taking skills while they learn.






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  • October 17

    Posted by ONA FEINBERG on 10/16/2016

    For Your Information & Action Items 

    • Please help remind your child that chromebooks need to come to school fully charged.
    • Important Dates:

      • October 20-21 Conferences. 218: Check your time here. If you didn't get to sign up, please email me so we can find a time. :-) Ms. Weber sent an email out for 219 student-parent conferences! 
      • October 24 - October 28: Red Ribbon Week encourages everyone to lead and support our nation’s families and communities in nurturing the full potential of healthy, drug free youth. To observe this week, we will have special activities at lunch on October 25th and we encourage everyone to  WEAR RED on Tuesday, October 25th. 
      • October 26 (9th period): Fall Sports Pep Rally School spirit competition - one winning homeroom per grade level (treat to eat during the next ROAR day)
      • October 26:  black out- wear BLACK to black out Mount Nittany. The Park Forest / Mount Nittany football game is that evening at 7:00 p.m. at Memorial Field
      • October 28: Halloween 6th grade Fun Day 3:30-5:00 - Halloween Horror ($3) If changing into costume, kids may due so after school (no costumes during school) 
    • Students are allowed to bring their own snack, as long as it is nut free and vegetarian. 
      • I am looking for a family from each class to help coordinate some class snacks. Let me know if you are interested. 
      • If you want to send in a snack for the class to share, please take a look at our safe snack google doc.  Thanks so much! These kids are hungry!
    • Students are allowed to bring water bottles to school.
    • Want to help? check out our classroom amazon wishlist -- Thank you! 
    • Note: I try to send reminder emails to students (about goals, late assignments and forms, etc.) and copy parents/guardians on those emails.
    • Students can check directions for late work here. There are directions and links to specific pages when possible. 


     The SCOOP: October 17

    I can't believe that it already conference time! The first six weeks of school are through, and it has already been a long time since I fell in love with my students this year. We start the year strangers, and I have loved getting to know each of them. Mrs. Weber and I really looking forward to meeting and talking with our homeroom parents during our parent-student-teacher conferences this coming week. (218 homerom: Check your time here. If you didn't get to sign up, please email me or Mrs. Weber so that we can find a time.) 

    Please continue to help your children with their assignment management. At this age, students are at varying levels of independence. Most of the kids still need reminders to check the assignment page. I am trying to keep the assignment page up to date with the work that we are doing in school so that you and your child can discuss how their classwork is going. Now that we are well into the year, some students are feeling the challenge of getting work done in school. We talk often about how we need to work very hard in school so that we don't have to take a lot of work home. This is one thing that middle school is about - students working at many developmental stages to try to become the responsible time managers that they need to be. For some, this comes easy. For others, it may take the next few years to get it right. :-) I am here to help your 6th grader figure out strategies to make school work work for them. A reminder -- every day students should be doing at least 30 minutes of independent reading (or listening to a book be read to them/an audiobook) and they should set aside 10 minutes to either catch up on writing work, or build their writing habit. They could have about 15 minutes of math homework each night. If your child is working a lot more than that each night, please let me know. We can work together on strategies to help. 


    Social Studies: 

    We have been working on learning the "P.I.E.C.E.S" of our world - getting ready to learn about the "P.I.E.C.E.S" of the ancient civilizations we will study this year. Although our focus is on Ancient Civilizations, Social Studies is a place where we work on so much more! Students are learning how to read a textbook, using reading strategies such as finding the VIPs (Very Important Points) which requires them to collect information and judge whether it is part of the main idea. We are also  taking visual notes in Social Studies. Visual Notes help us focus our brain while we learn, help us remember, and can also help us study. We watched 2 videos while we practiced making visual notes: The Sketch Frenzy video and the 50/50 Rule video. I'm so proud watching the students synthesize information into these visual notes. 

    Last week we participated in a Social Studies simulation called "Rafa Rafa." This simulation allows students in each class to role play being in a certain culture (218 was "Alpha" and 219 was "Beta.") After learning about their own land's culture, students visited the other culture. The conversation after the activity was full of interesting discussion points about topics from How hard it is to get to know a new place to The dangers of calling others "weird," and discrimination.  Next up? An economics simulation! 



    Write! Write! Write! Students have been working hard to write personal narratatives. So far we have been working on getting ideas (heart map, place map, lists of things we've done and learned...) and writing fast and furiously, getting our writing volume up. Each time we write we aim to get 3/4 of a google doc written. On Friday we chose one of our drafts to begin to dig into. We asked what is the "SO WHAT?" of our piece? I am trying to keep our writing resources online to help students refer back to them. Please remind your child to check the resources if they are having trouble. 

    Writing Narratives: Tips and how to find ideas

    Writing Narrative Mini Lesson Resources



    Read! Read! Read! After launching our Reader's Workshop, we are now studying literature. Our focus has been the plot and setting. Now that the students are 6th graders, it isn't enough for them to name the beginning, middle and end of book -- or where and when it takes place. Now they are analyzing their books and discussing things like "Is the setting important?" Last week students worked on group genre posters, analyzing what was amazing and challenging about the genre they were reading. They also did individual projects to explain the setting (and if it was important, and how do they know?) of their books. I was so impressed with the work! We had legos, playdoh, posters, diagrams, and essays! I hope you have a chance to see them when you come for conferences. Of course we are still reading in and out of school during this literature unit! Please remember to ask your child what book they are currently reading. :-) 


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  • September 12

    Posted by ONA FEINBERG on 9/11/2016

    For Your Information & Action Items 

    • Please help remind your child that chromebooks need to come to school fully charged.
    • Important Dates: 
      • September 13: Picture Day 
      • September 14: ELA MAP testing during Reading/Writing
      • September 14: Health Screening
      • September 16: Parent verification form due (in assignment book) 
      • September 16: Greenwood Furnace field trip form due
      • September 26: Scholastic book orders due. Book order flyers will come home this week -- but you can already visit scholastic.com/readingclub and enter the one-time Class Activation Code HWKJL to order books. Your orders for home help fill our classroom library too! Thank you. Please order by September 26. 
      • September 30:  Last chance ot order a yearbook online for $36 (Yearbook orders will be accepted until the end of November 
    • Students are allowed to bring their own snack, as long as it is nut free and vegetarian. 
      • I am looking for a family from each class to help coordinate some class snacks. Let me know if you are interested. 
      • If you want to send in a snack for the class to share, please take a look at our safe snack google doc.  Thanks so much! These kids are hungry!
    • Students are allowed to bring water bottles to school.
    • If you want to help our classroom, check out my links to donorschoose.org. We are only about $100 away from our goal! Once the project is funded, the supplies will be sent to the classroom. Students have already been using the supplies that I have brought to school to create awesome things - I can't wait to see what they can do as we expand our makery!
    • You can also check out our classroom amazon wishlist -- Thank you! 
    • Note: I try to send reminder emails to students (about goals, late assignments and forms, etc.) and copy parents/guardians on those emails.


    The SCOOP: September 12


    I'm loving getting to know these kids! What an awesome group... well, an awesome 2 groups! I get to see students from 218 and 219 each day, and I have really enjoyed these first days of school. I know we are going to have a great year! The first few weeks of school are full of teaching the "how." How we open lockers, how we get lunch, how we store our things in the classroom, how we are going to work together, how we use our chromebooks... and this coming week will have its share of "how" again. I know it isn't the most exciting thing all of the time... Even as we have started to dig into our reading and writing workshops, it sometimes feels slow. But building this foundation for our our learning community is vital. It pays off! 

    In this "The SCOOP" newsletter blog, I will try my best to keep you up to date with homeroom happenings in 218 and Reading/Writing/Social Studies happenings in both 218 and 219. I appreciate you taking the time to read about our SCOOP!

    Social Studies 

    We are working on our personal timelines, helping us answer the questions:  

    • Where does your life fit on a world history timeline?
    • How do timelines work?

    Students were asked to think of 7 - 8 milestone events in their life to add to their timeline. (Students should have brought their brainstorm home to show you, and asked for help with any dates they weren't sure of.)  Students have had Social Studies class work time, and they wil have a little more time this coming week. Any work not completed during the next Social Studies time should be completed at home. The timeline assignment is explained here. The final copies are due 9/15 (for 219) and 9/16 (for 218). I'm looking forward to seeing the students' completed timelines and learning more about them! 



    We have begun our reader's workshop, and spent time reading. I'm so enjoying getting to know these students as readers. As they read, I am conferring with them to begin the work of helping them grow. 

    As a reader, I know that reading can be not only a wonderful way to learn, but also a wonderful pastime. I will try hard to never let a day of school go by where students are't given time to read. I hope that students will do their reading homework as well. Reading at home is a valuable way to spend homework time. Why read? Yes, your vocabulary grows as if by magic. Yes, your future earning potential goes up considerably. Yes, test scores in all academic areas improve... But more than all these tangible benefits, I believe that the more reading students do, the better students they can be - and the more they can understand about our world. I recently read about how reading can increase one's ability to empathize. And of course.... 

    A reader  

    image from pinterest.com

    We have set up our "Reading and Writing Tools and Lessons" notebook which includes a reading log for students to record the books they finish reading. We calculted our reading rate to see just how many books we can probably read. Student goals vary, and although the math is a little funky, it is amazing to see how much you can read if you read for 30 minutes at home every day, along with the reading we do in school. 

    *A note about reading choices: Students choose books from our classroom library and the school library. Although I have read a lot of books, I have not read every book. Sometimes I will ask a student if their parents are okay with their choice. Please keep asking your child what they are reading. If you have a question about one of their choices, I'm happy to help you work through that. I also ask you to remember not to judge a book by it's cover. :-)  Often, parents get a second copy of a book to read along with their child. That's a win-win: You get to see what all the hullabaloo is, and your child gets to see you read, spend time with you reading, and talk about literature with you! Not sure about spending time reading middle grade books? Check out these great reasons to read children's literature! My favorite has to be the quote from Madeleine L’Engle: “You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.”



    We have also set up Writer's Notebooks. These notebooks will be a place for students to play around with their wriitng, try new forms, and practice writing exercises. We will be writing every day... because the more you write, the better writer you are! My goal for students in general, is for them to use writing as a way to explore their thinking and their stories. Although it would be unusual for me to assign writing homework, it's always a good idea to ask your child what they are working on in writer's workshop and if they need to do some writing at home. Spending 5- 10 minutes a day on building a writing habit is also a great idea. Students are encouraged to have a Writer's Notebook at home, write letters to friends and relatives, and work on creative writing both in their notebook and using google docs. 

    As we get ready to begin our first Unit of Study in Narrative Writing, students will be writing an "on demand" narrative piece this week. This preassessment will help me guide them through the narrative unit. 

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  • Welcome!

    Posted by ONA FEINBERG on 8/15/2016

    Welcome! This blog will help you stay up to date on what is going on in the classroom. Families and Students are invited to read, and comment. :-) 

    Action Items:


    The Scoop: August Moments

    As August winds down I find myself capturing moments: Sights and sounds of summer ending.

    Usually, my summer starts to end with a trip to the beach. We didn't go to the beach this year, because our new puppy needed us to stay home with him. He's cute, so it's okay... I do miss the sights and sounds of the waves crashing as we walk along the beach. Now endless walks around the hot and humid streets of Park Forest are part of my summer's end instead. Next year it's back to the beach! 

    I'm taking my kids school shopping, gathering new lunchboxes and buying shoes. They are looking forward to seeing their friends, and trying not to think too much about all the work they will have this year as 1st, 4th and 8th graders. Getting my children ready for their school is part of my summer's end.

    My summer is usually full - as parents know, it isn't quite a vacation! We have gone to Whipples Dam, swam in my parents' pool, taken a trip to Ohiopyle, and had friends and family come to stay with us. Our days have been full of reading, game playing, and those puppy walks. Fitting in a few more mornings of reading on my porch will hopefully be part of my summer's end. 

    Right before you arrive on Back to School Night, I'll do one of my favorite summer's end traditions. I'll walk down our row of lockers and shut them quickly. It will be loud: It will slam slam slam and echo echo echo. I won't have met you yet, but this summer's end tradition is one I love because it's really a beginning! Soon I will put your faces to all the names I see on my list and I will get to share all the great things we are going to learn in 6th grade.

    I know that it can be hard to end your summer and come to Middle School.  You might be feeling excited and shy. You probably have a lot of questions, and maybe some worries too. (And not just you, parents... the kids too.(-: )

    In all seriousness, I hope you are looking forward to beginning our year together, because I know I am! Here's to 2016 - 2017 - It's going to be amazing! Please come on Back to School Night. Info can be found here. 

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Last Modified on May 5, 2017