• Reading

    Students will take part in Self-Selected Reading, Guided Reading, Working with Words, Reading to Someone, and Work on Writing during Reading Workshop.   We focus on teaching comprehension strategies, fluency strategies, expanding vocabulary strategies, accuracy strategies, and strategies to help students respond to their text.  We use a lot of Post-it-Notes!!  We also keep track of our learning in our Reading Journals.  



    Students will take part in Self-Selected Writing, Guided Writing and Working with Paragraphs during Writing Workshop.  We focus on narrative, informational, and opinion.  We also will use Words Their Way for Vocabulary.  



    New Math Program this year.  Bridges.  Super excited to start this new curriculum.  



    Environmental Science, Geological Process, Human Body 


    Social Studies

    Students will learn about American History from early exploration to the Revolutionary War time period.  We finish the year with a State Project.  Students will be researching a state of their choice.  Students will need to know the 50 states/capitals and their location on a map.  


Last Modified on August 26, 2018