• Parent Homework Assignment
    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    To start off the year, I am giving you a homework assignment. :-)  I am asking you to become a partner with me in your child’s education.  I will only have your child for a short time and I want to make a contribution that will last a lifetime.  It is my goal to make your child feel at home in the classroom by helping all of my students come together in a learning community.  In room 115, our learning community will be made up of unique individuals, each with his or her own learning styles, interests, history, hopes, and dreams.  With this in mind, I would like you to tell me what you think I should know about your child to make this a productive year. What are things you know, as a parent or guardian,  that would be important for me to know?  What are the particular likes and dislikes your child has?  How do you see your child as a learner?  What personal and academic strengths do you see in the way your child learns and interacts with others? What weaknesses do you wish for your child to overcome?  

    In other words, I would like you to include any and all information that you think I should know to help your child have a wonderful year.  Feel free to use any format to complete this(poetry, narrative, bulleted list, letter). Your comments will only be shared with other Blue Team teachers who work with your child.
        You can share your writing by:
            -saving it as a PDF and sending it in an email (jlw39@scasd.org)
                -sharing it with me in a Google.doc (jlw39@scasd.org)
                -embedding it in an email (jlw39@scasd.org)
                -printing or handwriting it and mailing it to me 
                       Jaime Workman
                       656 Brandywine Drive
                       State College, PA 16801
                -printing or handwriting it and sending it to school with your child
    Please take your time with this, but I would appreciate hearing from you by Friday, September 9th.

    Thank you for helping me get to know your child better! I look forward to a wonderful partnership in your child’s education and an exciting year with your child in sixth grade!
                                                          Mrs. Jaime Workman
Last Modified on August 7, 2016