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    Articles are due EVERY OTHER FRIDAY. Please submit the printed article link, a one paragraph summary, and one paragraph answering ONE of the following three question choices:

    1. Now that you have this information, what do you intend to do with it? How will you use this information to help or improve our society?

    2. What questions would you ask the author of this article and what other information would you like to receive?

    3. Do you trust the author of this article? Why or why not? What makes this author trustworthy or biased? Why does this matter?

    Be prepared to share your article with the class and respond to others EVERY FRIDAY.

    Sample Current Event Assignment:

    Sample Article (off limits)

    Summary:The article "Effects of concussions last longer than originally thought, study suggests" describes the impact that concussions have on student athletes.  Scientists from the article suggest that although athletes are allowed to return to the sports after two weeks, the effects of a concussion could last for six months or more. MRIs show that the white matter fibers in the brain could be damaged, which may or may not impact the person's brain function. In the end, it was unclear as to whether the brain is strong enough to repair the damage or often times it would reroute the information to different areas.  This could show little deficiences in the person who sustained the concussion.

     Answer to Question 1: As a Physical Education teacher and a coach, this information is valuable to share with my students/athletes and parents.  It is important to be extra cautious and aware of students' abilities before and after they have sustained a concussion.  I will encourage students to take concussions seroiusly and ask them to be sure to report any signs to authorities.  Although it is still unclear as to whether or not two weeks of recovery time is sufficient, I will continue to trust in the doctors and trainers that are carefully observing my students/athletes.  Keeping up-to-date with concussion research will make me a stronger teacher/coach in the future.



    Resources for Wellness:

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    New York Times


    Nutrition notes:Nutrition Prezi



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