• August 2020


    Hi friends!


    Welcome to first grade! My name is Mrs. Ramey and I will be your child’s first grade teacher this year! There is something magical about first grade and I can’t WAIT for you to join me on what is sure to be an exciting journey!


    I have been a teacher since 2005, with most of my time teaching in Ohio, where I am originally from! I have taught 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade! I joined EP in 2015 as a second grade teacher and I am so excited to be in first grade with you this year!


    Even though this is going to be a different year, we are going to have an amazing time! Your child will become even BETTER readers,, become number experts, learn all sorts of new math goodness, and work on their author and illustrator skills in writing. We will also work on being respectful and responsible members of our class, school, and local community! As an anti racist classroom, we will also be using many resources from https://www.tolerance.org to explore our identities and learn about the identities of others! (I will be sending more information on this in the coming week!)


    This summer, I spent a lot of time with my little girl, Matilda (Tilly), my little boy, Charlie, and my husband, David. We took a lot of walks full of imagination. When Matilda was in charge, she was typically pretending to be a dog with a specifically designed personality. When Charlie was in charge, it was typically a Power Ranger walk.


    I am so excited to start a great year with you on WEDNESDAY, August 26th for in person students and FRIDAY, August 28th for remote students!



    Jaymie Ramey



    This year our PTO has graciously provided all of your child’s school supplies! (Thank you EP PTO!!!) As a result, I am only requesting the donation of a few items. Please send the following items to school with your child if they are planning to attend in person..

    1. 1 box of quart size or gallon size ziplock bags
    2. 1 or 2 boxes of Kleenex Tissues
    3. 1 pair of headphones or earbuds. Please open the headphones/earbuds and label them with a sharpie/tape label BEFORE sending in to school.



    -Hand sanitizer

    -1 foaming hand soap

    -Individually packaged snacks (in kindergarten, the teachers provided snack. Each student should bring their own snack daily in first grade! These are in case kids forget!)

    -Roll of paper towels

    Thank you so much!

Last Modified on August 24, 2020