•  Math KidRoom 120 Math Assignments ~ Period 3/4   

    1.13.20 - Monday - DAY - 1
     Assignments - Date Due

     WM #20 - due FRI Jan 17

    IXL - CS Inv 2 & 3 - due FRI Jan 17

    Problem of the Week #16 - due Tues 1.21 - last one MP2


    1.14.19 - Tuesday - DAY - 2
    Assignments - Date Due 


    Area of Trapezoid - WED


    1.15.20 - Wednesday - DAY - 3
     Assignments - Date Due

    CS ACE page 68 (#28,29,20,31,32,36,39,40) - TH

    1.16.20 - Thursday - DAY - 4
     Assignments - Date Due

    x - FRI


    1.17.20- Friday - DAY - 5
     Assignments - Date Due
    Homework Policy
    Homework will be assigned daily, Monday - Thursday, and will be checked for completion at the beginning of each class. If a student misses class, it is his/her responsibility to see me, a friend, or the website to obtain the homework assignment.  It is helpful if students exchange phone numbers with one or two other students in class if homework questions arise. Homework completion is an important application of the material we are learning in class.
    I am more than happy to help students with homework questions via email if I am available, or in the morning before school starts.
    The online Connected Math Program website may be helpful as well. 
    Advanced Math ~ Problem of the Week
    Each week, two problems are available on Google Classroom for students to complete. One problem is worth one point, and one problem is worth two points. Over the course of each marking period, it is expected that students will earn a determined number of points. For the first marking period, EIGHT POW points are required. After earning required points, each additional point earned is considered extra credit - with a max of FIVE POINTS EXTRA CREDIT. POWs are due every Monday.
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