•  Room 110 Specials and Lunch


    Lunch: 12:28-1:03 every day

    We have a later lunch time so please encourage your student to bring a morning snack.


    Specials: 8:10-9:00 every day

    Day 1: Art with Mrs. Johnson

    Day 2: PE with Mrs. Constable

    Day 3: STEM with Mrs. Snyder

    Day 4: Library with Mrs. Frye

    Day 5: Music with Mrs. Komlenic


    IMPORTANT: Our specials will operate on a Day 1-5 schedule rather than Monday-Friday. This means that we will not always have the same special on the same day of the week. The first three weeks of school will look like this:
     This will allow students to not miss the same special over and over again for long weekends or snow days. If there is a snow day on a Day 2, the day that we return to school will become Day 2. The students will track the days in their student planners each week.
Last Modified on August 22, 2019