• Hello, Fifth Graders and Parents! My name is Katie Stone and I have the pleasure of being your child's teacher this year. I have been an educator for a long time, beginning my career as a fifth-grade teacher at Ferguson Township Elementary in 2000.  My husband, Brian, and I then broadened my experience by becoming parents in 2007.  I have a daughter named Lily and a son named Garin. They attend State High. I was also a preschool teacher for four years. What fun that was! (Remember preschool?)  I am so excited to be in FIFTH grade at such a fantastic school! (Year #8 for me at PFE!) The most important part of my role is forming a friendly, respectful relationship with each one of you.  
    Park Forest Penguins  
    The Stones at Crater Lake
    The Stones visited Crater Lake! (2017)
     Crater Lake!
    Our pets:  Ursa the dog and Buttercup the rabbit