• International Characters
    the ñ key

    Because the way to insert accents and ñs is different on each type of computer, I am inserting a link below to a wonderful resource.

    Spanish 411.net has typed up a comprehensive list that includes ChromeBooks.

    I would suggest starting with Google docs/slideshow Add-ons - Easy Accents.  Go to add-ons, get add-ons, search for Easy Accents, push the plus to add to your Add-ons, follow instructions.  You may have to do this for Docs and for Slideshow, but only one time and it should appear in your Add-ons from then on.


    When all else failsMost programs have an "Insert Special Character."  It is usually in the drop down menu.  If it is set to Latin (I, II, etc), you will find those characters above with no problem.  If you can't locate the special characters, write them in after you print, or type it like this:      Ex.  l'apiz   (lápiz).

    There is no excuse for turning something in without accents!!


Last Modified on August 14, 2022