• All staff and faculty have access to media office equipment such as cameras for use with students in the classroom. All equipment is available to check out through our library circulation. Please see Donna Lawrence for assistance.
    There are also 2 Macbook shared carts available. These should remain in the library unless reserved for your class. To reserve one of the carts, please use the google sheet MNMS Cart Reserve 2018-2019 Please denote the periods you will be using the cart in the corresponding cart notes column.  In the event of school cancellation, the dates will adjust the file moving all reservations forward.  In this event, please check your reservations. 
    Should you need assistance with media equipment set up in the library, cafeteria or auditorium, please reserve that space with Kim Bernier and include any equipment needs.  If there are special instructions for equipment to be used in those facilities, please make sure include those in your reservation.
Last Modified on January 2, 2019