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    Social  stories can be a great way for children to learn different social skills and how to behave in different social situations.  Attached you'll find some stories that I have found beneficial for my students.  There are many others that I have used, but this is a good start!  Together the student and I illustrate these stories using pictures from BoardMaker, Microsoft Clip Art, student illustrations and photographs.  It can sometimes be beneficial to make a lesson of co-writing the social story with the student it's designed for.  Happy reading!

    Answering Questions and Sharing Ideas in Class
    In this social story we learn about how to appropriately respond and raise our hand to contribute to a classroom discussion

    Asking for Help in Kindergarten
    This story teaches a kindergarten student how to ask for help in order to avoid feelings of frustration

    Before I Speak
    Students are taught to think before they speak and ponder the appropriateness of what they are to say and whether or not it is the appropriate time to say it

    Carpet Time
    For children in kindergarten- to learn appropriate carpet and circle time behaviors

    Doing My Best
    This social story emphasizes that the teacher is in charge and work should be completed during work time or it will have to be made up during a fun activity

    My Morning - Kindergarten
    Routines can be difficult to follow, but this social story lays out the certain steps for a kindergarten student to follow every morning to ensure success

    Good Choices
    This story helps a student learn to make good choices in school

    I Am Not the Teacher
    Created with the help of the 5th grade student it was designed for, this story helps with bossy students or tattling

    Kind Hands
    Hands can be used for many things, but in this social story we learn that they should never be used to hurt anyone else

    Kindergarten Rules
    Created with the help of the kindergarten student it was designed for, this story reminds us to not hurt our friends on the inside or on the outside

    Making Good Choices
    This story teaches the student to ask 3 essential questions before making any choice

    Putting Things In Your Backpack
    How did that get in there?  Do you have things that go missing in your classroom?  Do they magically appear in one students' backpack?  Spirit the Horse, a character chosen and named by the student the story was designed for, learns that he must ask permission before putting anything in his backpack

    Talking with Your Mouth Full
    Some students like to talk, even with their mouths full.  This story reminds students to please wait until they have swallowed!

    What is Help?
    This story was created after the 'Asking For Help' social story caused the kindergarten student to become upset when adults didn't do his work for him.

    When I Get Upset One
    First story of things a child can do when he/she becomes upset

    When I Get Upset Two
    Second story of things a child can do when he/she becomes upset
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