• What should I bring to class every day? 

    Make sure that you have writing utensils, your packet for French class, your charged chromebook, and earbuds if you can (just keep them in the pocket of your chromebook case).  A positive attitude and an open mind are also essential!


    Where do I find our online resources for class?

    Go to the MNMS homepage.  From there, go to “staff,” then “Helmerich.”  From there, you will be able to find a link to your class, which will show you, by unit, quizlet sets and other helpful links.  We will also use Google Classroom regularly.  


    How can I find out what we did in class on a particular day, and what the assignments are?  

    A synopsis of what we did in class, as well as any assignments, are posted on Madame’s website. When you click on your class, you will see a link for “what we did today”  at the top of the sidebar.   

    What is the homework policy?
    Homework is an important component to your learning and success in class.  Madame expects you to come into class, prepared to participate in the homework review.  If you don’t have your homework completed, you may complete it for the next class period, for half credit.  You are expected to do your own work, not borrow work from the in-class homework review! If you are absent for any reason, you are expected to complete the homework to the best of your ability, as it is posted online.  
    What happens if I’m absent when work is handed back?
    If you are absent the day that any kind of work is passed back, it will be placed in the folder on the bulletin board labeled “returned work” for your class.  It’s your responsibility to check this folder after your absence.
    What should I do if I want to figure out how to say something in French that I don’t already know?
    The goal in this class is to communicate using the words and structures that we learn together.  Madame encourages you to learn new things within reason.  Look up new nouns, using wordreference.com, so that you can see the gender.  Avoid looking up adjectives and verbs if possible, because getting the right forms / endings can be tricky if it’s a structure we haven’t learned in class.  Never, ever type a whole sentence into a translator! Madame will know if you did (it’s always very obvious), and you won’t receive credit for your work.   Remember:  enhance your communication with a few new things here and there, but stick mostly to using what you know and what we are learning together.  
    What if I need to use the hall pass?
    Please wait for a convenient time to ask (not when Madame is in the middle of teaching).  Once you have permission, go to the hall pass station to the left of the door, fill out the pass log, and go.  But hurry back, so you don’t miss all of the fabulous things we are doing!
    What if the evacuation alarm rings?
    To leave the building, turn right upon exiting the classroom, and go directly outside the double doors in front of you, next to Mrs. Nelson's class.  Remember, you go to your designated spot (painted number outside) for your pride!  
Last Modified on August 28, 2018