• abcBehavior Management Plans
    Below you'll find a variety of different behavior management plans that I have used with different students
    .  Many of these are token systems that are tied to greater rewards.  Feel free to tailor them to your own needs

    Latter plan with 4 goals
    The latter plans are the most complex and there are several varieties here on this page.  Students begin on a low, positive level so they have room to maneuver through the different levels as they earn points or do not earn points.

    Goal Chart Broken Down by AM and PM
    Some students don't need to be rewarded as frequently and so AM and PM token charts are easier to manage and cause a student to maintain appropriate behavior for longer

    Behavior Contract
    Behavior contracts can be used to allow the student to take ownership over their behavior and lay out the terms for appropriate and inappropriate behavior

    Behavior Contract with Steps to Follow
    A behavior contract with steps for the student to follow

    A Simple Behavior Chart with 4 Goals
    A simple chart to be used with any rewards deemed appropriate

    Best Work for AM and PM
    A chart for a student to work on independent work broken down by AM and PM

    Bus Chart
    For students that have difficulty with behavior on the bus

    Check Sheet
    A check sheet for older students to use to monitor their own behavior

    4 Rules Chart
    On this chart the student has 4 rules to follow and will lose a point during each subject for every rule they break

    Home Form
    To accompany any reward system, this slip is sent home in order to keep the lines of communication open in a simply way

    Kindergarten Plan 1

    Kindergarten Plan 2

    Kindergarten Plan 3

    Kindergarten Plan 4

    Modified Latter Chart
    Another latter chart plan

    Morning Routine Checklist
    Used to help organize and follow routines for the beginning of the day

    Multiple Goals Plan
    For students that need more frequent feedback, this token system is broken down to 15 minute increments

    Multiple Goals Plan 2
    Same frequency of feedback (15 minutes) with goals varied

    Daily Goals
    Student chart with goals clearly outlined

    Original Latter Plan
    This is the original latter plan, which is closest to the plan used at the HEARTS Program, but has been adapted to work in a regular elementary school

    Compliance Plan
    Though seemingly simple, this plan is an important part of a student's day to comply with classroom directions.  It also includes a box that displays the place he'll stand in line each day, and reports the different kinds of breaks that he takes throughout the day

    Simplified Latter System
    A latter system plan that has been somewhat simplified

    Steps to Homework Success
    Created with the help of the student that this was designed for, this is a check list, as well as a strategy suggestion for homework completion

    Truck Work Completion Chart
    This chart helped a student with his work completion.  He had a great love for trucks and vehicles so this was doubly rewarding for him.

    Using Coping Skills Chart
    This chart encouraged the child to use his coping techniques throughout the day, among other things

    Appropriate Work Completion
    This chart encouraged the student to do his work during the appropriate times or he would have to make it up during recess or at home

    Keep on Working
    While this encourages the student to continue working, this chart was also used to encourage the child to utilize his coping strategies
Last Modified on August 30, 2011