• Interesting Article on Social-Emotional Intelligence Education
    Article on 'How Children Learn to Regulate Their Emotions'
    Check out a great film that helps give some insight into a famous person who also happens to have autism!
    Temple Grandin  
    I have used the following resources with students:
    Super Heroes Social Skills  
    A great resource that teaches social skills and teacher pleasing behaviors

    Coping Cat is a great resource to use for students with anxiety


    The Self-Control Patrol workbook is helpful in teaching anger management strategies and various coping techniques


    47 Beavers on the Big Blue Sea is a story that talks about the importance of team work and working together

    All Cats Have Asperger's Syndrome by Kathy Hoopmann Book

    All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome is helpful for helping children understand their own diagnosis or raising awareness for peers


    You Are Special is a beautiful story that reminds us no matter what we can or can't do that isn't what is used to determine our worth
    Planting Seeds
    A book that helped set up and frame our Mindful Mornings
Last Modified on September 17, 2013