Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Giles

I have been with the State College Area School District since 1988. I taught second grade for 18 years, third grade for five and then spent three years as a released classroom teacher for the State College/Penn State Professional Development School working with college seniors in a full-year internship program.  I  currently teach fourth grade and I am very excited about this school year. The first few weeks are spent learning about each other, figuring out how we want our class to be, and diving into some academic work. It's fun! 

I have three sons, all of whom are out of high school. Time flies! Over the years they have brought me much joy (and a few gray hairs). One lives in Los Angeles, and the other two are in State  College. Being a parent has strenghtened my desire to do the best I can for the students in my classrooms. For example I find many kids are hesitant to make mistakes, thinking that is somehow failing. Yet it is quite the opposite. Trying, failing, learning and trying again helps kids realize that effort and hard work are keys to learning. This growth mindset helps kids shift their thinking from statements that often cause them to stop trying, such as, "I did poorly so I must not be as smart as I thought", to statements which value growth like this, "I can't do this - yet. I need to keep working hard on it." This philosophy has helped me, my children, and the students I've worked with in the past. If you have questions, just ask. : )