• Digital Citizenship

    Grades K-5 experience specific grade level appropriate digital citizenship lessons so students can successfully and safely access and use technology.  The following topics are a part of our digital citizenship lessons that teach and support:
    • Online safety
    • Passwords and password protection
    • Legal restrictions online
    • Understanding digital footprints
    • Financial responsibility online
    • Email 
    • Acting with respect online
    Students on our SCASD network access the internet through a filter so they can not view or post inappropriate content.  Sites like Facebook are blocked at the elementary level.  When students access the internet at home, depending on your home set up, they may have access to unfiltered sites therefore it is critical that parents oversee their child's internet access.  Keeping family computers in a family space rather than a child's bedroom allows for more direct supervision.  


Last Modified on September 19, 2016